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All That's Left is Bliss (2023 Version)

Adrianne Serna

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All That's Left is Bliss (2023 Version)

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Come float up in the clouds...Softly lay your head down...At peace.

Let go of all the pain...You won't feel it again...You're free.

It's over now, all that's left is this. It's over now, all that's left is bliss.

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"Cozy" Strikes Again! 

My song "Cozy" is featured in the Season 1 Finale of "Workin' Moms." The song starts around the 15-minute mark and it continues to play behind two delightfully sentimental scenes. 

Are you a fan of the song "Cozy"? You can purchase it on iTunes, Amazon, and my music page. 




"Cozy" Lyrics (written by Adrianne Serna):

I want what everybody else wants 
A cozy place to lay my tired head 
And maybe a silent understanding 
Of all the things that sometimes go unsaid 

ooh ooh ooh... 

You see what nobody else sees 
The tiny cracks in my protective shell 
If I every truly crumble 
Will you mend the pieces that you know so well? 

ooh ooh ooh.... 

I want what everybody else wants 
A cozy place to lay my head

Adrianne Serna Band is performing at FAIRFAX FESTIVAL 

This is my favorite town festival of all time, with three music stages, lots of art/jewelry/clothing vendors, a kids' zone, food booths, an Eco-Fest, and even a silent disco! Please join us at the Redwood Stage on Park Road (in downtown Fairfax, CA) on Sunday, June 10th from 1:30pm to 2:15pm. I love singing under those Redwoods. :)

Please join Adrianne Serna & friends for a special show on May 6, 2018 

Marin County singer/songwriter and guitar teacher Adrianne Serna will combine her musical worlds for this very special show, which will include one acoustic set featuring Adrianne and four of her high school students, and one set with a full band performing Adrianne's original songs. Serna has released 3 full-length albums and is currently working on her fourth. Her songs have been featured in commercials for Ford, IKEA, and Kellog's, as well as on ABC's "Mistresses" and “Jane By Design,” Bravo's "Ladies of London," NBC's "Minute to Win It," MTV's "Friendzone" and "Jersey Shore," The CW Network's "The Beautiful Life," and more.